Baofest - International Festival of African Culture


The festival will begin operating again in Spring 2011 and will be organised by the Baobab Cultural Society and participants in the ISAK project. All education and training will be aimed at preparing the participants to take part in the organisation of the festival.

The target group of the main project, International Festival of African Culture - Baofest, are African immigrants and their children, whose need to maintain the cultural identity of their individual and wider communities is expressed through their seeking of opportunities for demonstrating their cultures' practices.

The lack of supportive education and training for true understanding and recreation of African motion and sound prevents this group from upgrading their original knowledge and integrate it within their new living environments.  Opportunities for improving their employment options, reaffirming their self-image and supporting their inclusion into the society are rare due to their limited knowledge of Slovenian language. Similarly, their possibilities for exceeding the stereotypes about immigrant cultures are weak.

The Baobab society aims to surpass the existing situation and the consequent society's failure to understand tolerant coexistence by organising an annual international festival of African culture in Slovenia and act against the wider public's prejudice through presenting cultural traditions and practices of African dance, music, multimedia performance art, innovative pedagogical approaches and expert and popular literature.
  The organisation of a large event, such as this festival, is not possible without trained staff. Therefore, the Baobab cultural society will train dancers, dance and theatre mentors, stage technicians for sound setup of events and organisers of cultural events. These events will serve to acquaint the general public with (African) immigrants and provide opportunities for gaining knowledge about unfamiliar cultures.  

A(tra)ctive possibilities for inclusion of new cultures into Slovenian cultural space will provide the immigrants and the communities they are a part of opportunities for enhancing the quality of coexistence and mutual enrichment between different cultures, and by raising awareness aim to promote tolerance, coexistence and respect for basic human rights, personal dignity and integrity.


Our goal is inclusion through acquiring and expanding knowledge about the diversity of cultures.